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Cedars Park . . .

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This fantastic park is on the site of the former Palace of Theobalds, owned by King James I and the birthplace of King Charles I.

Steeped in history the Palace boasted many famous connections including Queen Elizabeth I who visited Theobalds many times during her reign as the guest of William Cecil, Lord Burghley. King James persuaded Lord Burghley to swap Theobalds for the royal estate of Hatfield, which includes the famous Hatfield House.

In 1919 Admiral Sir Hedworth Meux, the then owner of the Theobalds Park Estate gave the park to the people of Cheshunt.

Cedars Today

The park offers something for everyone including a scheduled ancient monument, 18th century domed summerhouses, woodland walks, formal gardens, ponds, pets’ corner, an arboretum and a conservation area.

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Many exciting changes have been added such as a natural play area, Turf Maze, Bocce Court and a Willow Tunnel.

A Park Manager now lives on the site and there is lovely new cafe and meeting room which is now open all year.

Many events will be held throughout the year ranging from archaeological digs and Teddy Bears Picnics to art workshops and 'Health Walks'.

For more information and the latest issue of the Friends of Cedars Park newsletter, click here.

Theobalds Palace Time Line
1385: The first moated manor house within what became Theobalds Park is known as Cullynges, owned by William Attenmore of Cheshunt.
1140: First recorded reference to Thebaudes or Tibbolds (Theobalds). In 1441 the estate is granted by William Tongge to John Carpenter, Master of St Anthony's Hospital in London.
1554: William Cecil, Secretary of State to Kind Edward VI, buys the estate.
1558: Elizabeth I is Crowned Queen.
1564: Elizabeth visits Theobalds for the first time. Cecil begins the first phase of building his palatial home replacing the old manor house with a building to impress the Queen.
1570: Cecil enlarges estate by purchasing Cheshunt Park Farm.
1572: Elizabeth has her own private apartments at Theobalds. She visits 15 times during her reign.
1585: Cecil’s dream is almost complete. Theobalds is one of the most lavish country houses in England, with a 'greate garden' to match.
1598: William Cecil died aged 77. His second son Robert inherits Theobalds.
1603: Elizabeth dies. James VI of Scotland crowned King James I of England. On May 3rd he visits Theobalds for the first time on his way to London and hunts on the Chase.
1606: Robert Cecil entertains James and King Christian of Denmark to 4 days of feasting and a masked ball at Theobalds.
1607: James makes Theobalds his main residence outside London, acquiring it from Robert Cecil in exchange for the old Tudor Palace at Hatfield and other properties. Alternations are made to accommodate the royal court.
1621: A 10-mile wall around Theobalds enclosing the royal deer park is completed.
1625: James dies at Theobalds, after developing a fever while hunting. Price Charles is proclaimed king at the palace gates.
1642: King Charles I receives a petition from Parliament at Theobalds at the start of the civil war, then rides to Nottingham to raise the royal standard.
1649: Charles is executed. His estates are to be sold off to pay the army. In 1650 Theobalds is surveyed and valued at £2,000. The material fabric is valued at £8,275. Much of the palace is demolished.
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